OECD Better Life Intiative

The OECD has been working for over a decade to identify the best ways to measure the progress of societies.

To this end, the OECD has identified 11 dimensions as being essential to well-being, from health and education to local environment, personal security and overall satisfaction with life, as well as more traditional measures such as income. This includes issues such as work-life balance, the quality of employment and well-being in the workplace.

Using these measure, the OECD has produced two core products:

  • The Better Life Index allows users to compare their own priorities for well-being against data for all OECD countries, plus Brazil and the Russian Federation.
  • The How’s Life report responds to a demand from citizens, analysts and for better and more comparable information on people’s well-being and societal progress.

Visit the OECD Better Life Index.

View the 2013 How’s Life report.